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ROLL Accessories/Room details


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Room description

  • All accessories
  • Participation rules
Prize pool Common1AccessoriesTotal value117.79
  • 117.79
  • Participate in activities according to the existing conditions of roll room
  • Roll room is divided into two modes: normal mode and card grabbing mode. The current mode is normal mode
  • Do not violate v91game service regulations, otherwise disqualification
  • Card grabbing game is divided into several parts according to the evaluation of game accessories. Players use diamonds or points to exchange cards, and draw out the winning card according to [calculation formula] after the exchange. Players with the card can get the game accessories
  • In the same card grabbing game, each player can exchange up to 30% of the total number of cards
  • When all the cards of a game accessory are robbed, the player with the winning card gets the game accessory
  • Bonus algorithm: current lucky card = (sum of time stamps of the last 50 records / total number of cards) - round the remainder + game constant
  • (Note: the time stamp refers to the total number of seconds from 00:00:00, January 1, 1970 to the present time. The corresponding relationship can be found.)
  • Roll room activities are for entertainment only. It is strictly prohibited to use roll room for trading, transferring accessories, etc. once disqualification is found, accounts will be closed for serious cases
  • All the items won in the activity are display game accessories. The winning users can go to the personal Center - my backpack to check and exchange
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